About A Perfect Start

A Perfect Start is a child care center and preschool which aims to develop children in the right way from a tender age. We believe in providing all round training to our students and we’ve discovered that if done correctly, education has the ability to develop children into great scholars. We have been saddled with the responsibility of teaching children in such a way that will not only develop their minds but their bodies as well and through conscientious work and developmental training, we do all we can to carry out this responsibility with effectiveness.

Curriculum At A Perfect Start

In this section, we seek to build their personalities and character by making them learn to develop good morals and living standards. We aim to develop your child to become honest, truthful, and trustworthy individual at an early stage. We seek to teach them how to carry themselves in the outside world as they grow.


We understand the fact that classical and formal education is also an important aspect of students’ learning, especially due to the fact that it is the surest and fastest way to teach students how to deal with the complexities of today’s society. We know that along with our character-building curriculum, this aspect helps in shaping your child to become useful and effective members of society.


Employment At A Perfect Start

At A Perfect Start, we are always in the search for awesome and highly effective staff members who love to work with us on our mission to develop children and shape them into adults of substance. In order to facilitate our employment process, we offer awesome employment benefits and incentives for those who join forces with us. We can also ascertain that working with us will be greatly rewarding. We create a stable and highly encouraging environment that encourages you to work hard to push students to the next level of learning. All of this is done with an aim to help increase your working efficiency and to make you feel as comfortable as you can while you work with us.

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2 Great Locations

We have two superb locations in the Heart of Huntsville, to add a touch of convenience to your child care and preschool needs. Learn more about how great our preschool locations are by touring a location today!

Top of the Line Care

Don’t sacrifice your child’s education, at APSLC we offer great care, love and teaching techniques that are created with your child’s advancement in mind. Schedule a tour and let us show you why.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality care, great staff, safe environment, nurturing and engaging early childhood education programs for preschool children while supporting each unique family unit. We strive to allow each child to develop at his or her own rate with the goal of a successful transition into kindergarten and beyond.

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