A Safe, Happy Second Home

Expect Clean, Safe, Spacious Rooms, Lush Gardens, & More

A Safe, Happy Second Home

Expect Clean, Safe, Spacious Rooms, Lush Gardens, & More

Preschool & Daycare Center Serving Huntsville, AL

Conveniently Located Off Of Highway 565

Large Classrooms Have A Warm, Friendly Vibe

Your child is in the best place possible to learn, play, and develop at their own pace. They have plenty of space to explore, make new friends, and feel at home, so they develop comfortably and confidently.

Large Classrooms With A Warm, Friendly Vibe
Beauty Spots & Amenities Nearby For your Convenience

Attractions & Amenities Nearby For Your Convenience

Located opposite Morris Elementary, with easy access to the botanical gardens and UAH, the center is in a prime, central spot. Walmart is also moments away so that you can easily take care of errands, visits, and school runs.

An Onsite Nursing Room Is Perfect For New Mothers

Nursing moms have a safe, comfortable space to feed their babies onsite. Staff is on-hand with care and essentials to make you comfortable. Keep your baby on schedule and bond throughout the day without having to leave the premises.

An On-Site Nursing Room Perfect For New Mothers
Lush Gardens, Climbers, A Basketball Court & More

Lush Gardens, Climbers, A Basketball Court, & More

Children have access to climbing frames, a basketball court, and bike tracks during their daily outdoor play. They even get to tend to a garden full of fruits and vegetables to foster a connection with nature out in the fresh air.

State-Licensed, Secure Premises Keep Them Safe

Your child is safe and sound from the time you drop them off. Fully vetted, CPR-certified teachers, restricted-access doors, a private yard, and internal-use security cameras give you peace of mind and demonstrate a commitment to safety.

State-Licensed, Secure Premises Keep Them Safe
Everything Thoroughly Sanitized & Germ-Free

Everything Thoroughly Sanitized & Germ-Free

Your child’s toys, learning materials, and necessities get cleaned and sanitized daily. Organized classrooms, safe disinfectant and cleaning supplies, and constant hand-washing are a part of a daily routine that safeguards their health.

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