Two Year Old

A little inside scoop on a two year old

They want independence…but still need a hug from Mommy and Daddy

Two year olds are in the amazing space of journeying out of toddlerhood and wanting so badly to be a big kid, yet not quite ready to take on the badge of all things three. Nor should they!

They move at lightning speed

Twos learn with and from each other, model after parents and teachers and develop their skills very quickly with guidance and close attention from caregivers during the preschool and child care day.

My emotions are loud and clear

Two-year-olds have very strong emotions and are working to use their language, physical and social skills to let us know what their needs and wants are!

Me, myself and I… meets time with others. Socially two year olds love to interact with caregivers at preschool and with family and friends. And they spend as much time interacting with others as they do on their own- both experiences help them assimilate their world. Caring teachers provide time for both elements.

Flexibility with daily schedule and lesson plans within a structured and predictable day

Looking to each individual child as well as the needs and interests of the group as a whole is important in delivering a high quality day in care. A Perfect Start Learning Center provides a structured and predictable schedule allowing children to know the basic flow of the day including greeting and arrival time, potty and diapering, hand washing and snack, outdoor classroom time, lunch and nap prep and end of the day dismissal. The learning and play elements in between those areas have flexibility which allows children to explore an activity longer or move to something more interesting quickly. Our pre school teachers and assistants work with each other to ensure each child is nurtured and challenged according to their pace, interests and abilities, which can change daily!

Custom day notes feature exactly what parents want to see and hear

Utilizing our Brightwheel virtual day notes parents can get continual updates on how their little one is doing each day, something that eases guilt and worry from parents especially at first. We take pictures of your little one having fun and give you details about his/her day. You can communicate with us using the Brightwheel app which keeps us all in the loop.

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