Toddler Program

Age 18 months to 2 years

Monday–Friday 6am-6pm

We Know Toddlers!

Why Choose A Perfect Start Learning Centers Infant Program?

There is probably no cuter stage, nor more challenging group than our lovable, engaging and passionate toddlers. We teach toddlers the way we’d want our children taught: with patience, love and a lot of paint! Along the way we ensure individual needs are met and your toddler settles into a calm routine.

Toddlers are typically “into everything” and move at the speed of lightning so we make sure to over plan- toddlers need plenty of exciting activities but tire of them quickly!

They are curious, emotional and demanding and their highs and lows are exhausting for parents and teachers. By keeping our toddlers on a predictable routine with ample time for quiet play, free choices and outdoor play. Toddlers love routines!

Toddlers have lots of questions and are becoming competent in language acquisition and are developing receptive and expressive language which means teachers continually model correct word pronunciation, ask questions, model sentence structure and vocabulary.

They learn very quickly and then move on to the next amazing moment to explore so we plan activities that take between 5-15 minutes. Toddlers love to explore with all their senses, usually all at once!

Toddlers love to practice what they learn and we provide lots of time to revisit activities. For instance, working with various paint brushes is just plain mesmerizing!

Developmentally, toddlers are beginning to see themselves as separate from their parents and look towards their peers as potential playmates. This makes placing your toddler in a strong preschool program essential. We plan activities to ensure toddlers can have plenty of nurturing, time to explore alone and lots of opportunity to play with peers.

It’s essential that toddler teachers fully embrace the unique wonder of a toddler. Some days, lesson plans must be adjusted to allow the teacher to better meet needs that arise.

One of the most endearing qualities of a toddler is the ability to explore a wide range of emotions, sometimes within a minute! They are optimistic about their skills, many times don’t fully have the gross or fine motor muscles and eye hand coordination to succeed right away. This leads to frustration, particularly since language development is emerging continually. We help toddlers name their feelings and provide them avenues to express their frustrations.

Primary Goals for Toddlers:

provide consistent, nurturing and experienced caregivers

What Makes the Toddler Exploration Program is so successful?

Its core goal is to keep toddlers moving and stimulated throughout the day within small groups and a balance of one on one time alone or with the teacher, side by side play with friends and small group child initiated learning.

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