We provide the SAFEST environment for your child by:

At A Perfect Start Learning Center, maintaining open communication and mutual trust and respect with our families is important. This allows our preschool and day care students to experience the joy of early learning in the safest, most nurturing and challenging environment. Becoming a part of our preschool family, means your child experiences school in wholesome surroundings, along with a group of friends that he will likely attend kindergarten with.

We believe you and your child will love APSLC, so much that we are willing to offer a money back guarantee. If you are disappointed in our care for any reason, we will happily refund your tuition for the day.

10 Steps to Enrolling your Child

For a great overview of our classrooms, curriculum and staff and to see endearing snapshots of our little darlings, check out our Facebook Page. We know you’ll come running right in after you see us in action!


Take a tour! We’d love you to visit with the entire family- both parents, grandparents and of course your little one! We typically do tours between 10:00am – 12:00pm because all classrooms are in full swing and you’ll get a great look at a typical day. Your little one will be welcomed into the classroom group and you’ll have plenty of time to get to know us! Feel free to ask us whatever questions you may have, whether big or small!


You’ll receive a tour packet just loaded with all things APSLC has to offer. Be sure to ask any questions you have anytime during your tour. Did you think of something once you got home? No problem! Give us a call anytime 256-489-1580


Applying for enrollment and paying your registration fee puts you at the top of the list for classroom and teacher choices and guarantees enrollment. Be sure to get a current month calendar so you can start to talk with little one about the classroom fun we have planned. We offer a free trial morning to give your little one (and you) a taste of preschool.

*** Due to limited openings in our classrooms, we strongly encourage that you pay your registration


Get all the necessary paperwork completed and turned in (application, credit card and payment information, emergency contacts, documentation about allergies and specific instructions such as custody).


Take some time alone with your preschooler and set the stage for a smooth transition for both of you by talking enthusiastically about his new school and reassuring your child that you know how much fun school will be. This is the most critical component to get your child off to a strong start. Use the curriculum calendar to highlight some planned activities you know your little one will enjoy. Feel free to stop by school before he starts to get reacquainted with the director, teacher and classmates! You are now a part of our Perfect Start family; we want you to feel welcomed!


Once your child’s enrollment is confirmed and you have a start date, get theWelcome Packet and take time to complete the “Getting to know your child” page. It will help us know as much as possible about your child quickly.


Have fun shopping for school supplies and gathering nap time loves, crib sheets for crib or mats, extra seasonal clothing, a new backpack and lunchbox, diapers etc. needed to be ready for the first day! Have fun with it!


The night before school, be sure your child gets a good night’s sleep and you give each other a“pep talk”! It’s a transition for both of you and we’ll be here every step of the way. The first morning, plan a little extra time to get to school and do your best to drop off fairly quickly. We’ve found that no matter how prepared and ready a child is for preschool or child care, they will read your emotions very clearly. We expect your child to test you and possibly resist at drop off- we promise to cuddle and comfort him and will call you if your child is overly upset. Of course you may call us throughout the day/days until you are comfortable with the transition! We’ve helped thousands of Mommies go through this transition- we’ve got your back!


We promise we have so many fun activities planned that your child’s day will fly by! We think you’ll be so happy with our services; we have a Happy Family Guarantee!


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