What are the primary goals of Pre K?

  • For each child entering the kindergarten classroom with confidence and enthusiasm!
  • For each child to perform at his/her highest level
  • For each child to begin kindergarten with a well-rounded school background that comes from a variety of classroom experiences! What specific goals does Bright Beginnings have for a Pre K graduate?

What specific goals does Bright Beginnings have for a Pre K graduate?

  • Socially the child can play well with others, work in a small and larger group setting and respect classmates, teachers and school materials at all times.
  • Emotionally the child separates from home easily and looks forward to school, understands turn taking, can wait for the teacher’s attention, expresses himself appropriately and knows when to ask for help
  • Cognitively the child being curious about the classroom, community and world and is eager to try new activities (writing, letters and sounds, scissors, exploring art materials, books, sight words)
  • Physically the child has good fine and gross motor coordination
  • Self help skills including: self help skills include: dressing self, ability to care for oneself (pottying, hand washing, getting lunch box, gathering supplies and cleaning up)

How do we consistently succeed in preparing students so well for kindergarten?

In a nut shell:

  • Experienced and well qualified teachers who are trained continually.
  • A solid understanding of the Alabama Standards of Learning for Kindergarten.
  • Assessments done twice during Pre K year.
  • A strong and creative curriculum allowing ample time to explore a theme with classmates lots of quality time to play and interact socially.
  • Freedom to express self with art which focuses on the process versus the product.
  • Multiple opportunities to hear and experience quality children’s literature each day.
  • Realistic expectations in terms of developing self help skills, following directions and interacting appropriately daily.
  • Attending conferences and training regularly to push our staff to help our children succeed.

What specifically does APSLC focus on in terms of kindergarten readiness?

Kindergarten teachers speak highly of our graduates (really!) And about our students enthusiasm and readiness to learn; our students test well in in kindergarten assessments and have developed self control needed for engaging at morning meetings, learned social skills such as give and take in conversations and appropriate use of school materials. Children who have not attended a quality program such as APSLC, or have been in strictly daycare, many times are much less comfortable with the transition to kindergarten.

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