Parent's Responsibilities

All children are required to be in by 930a in order to receive to full benefit of the daily curriculum. Please see the parent boards in the classrooms for the daily routine of your child’s classroom 

We currently use ABEKA a Christian based program in which books are needed starting with the ages of 18 months. Parents are responsible for payment half is required to place the order and the balance is due when books arrive. Cost is $20 for Pre-toddlers and $70 for all older ages. Each classroom will post a weekly lesson plan and schedule of activities. Please note that, due to our adherence to emergent curriculum, the teacher may stray from the posted activities schedule, to better meet the needs of the group of children the teacher works with.  

Excursions and community outings are an exciting part of our program. Parents  will be notified in advance of any trips and advised of any admission fee or other  fee involved. Parents are encouraged to assist in these activities by volunteering  their time to accompany the children on outings. Transportation will be by foot, unless otherwise specified.  Occasionally, alternative arrangements may be made for longer trips.  Transportation in these cases will be provided by either a commercial transportation company, or city bus. Typically, children will not be able to go on field trips until they are completely potty-trained.

We require at least one full set of spare clothing be kept at the center at all times. Wet or soiled clothing will be placed in a plastic bag in your child’s cubby/hook.

APSLC does offer a one week vacation once the child(ren) have been enrolled continuously in the program for one year. Tuition is due on time for your regular schedule, whether care is used or not.  

Referrals: A free week of care is offered to the referring parent after the referred family has been with APSLC past 90 days.

Parents must assume responsibility for late fees when parents are late picking up their children. Parents will be charged a late fee of $5.00 for the first minute and $1.00 per minute – no exceptions.   All late fees must be paid in cash to the staff member that stayed late at the time of pick-up.   Families that are habitually late may be withdrawn from the center for failure to adhere to center policy. If an emergency arises, please contact the Center Director so arrangements can be made to assist you and your child. It is critical that you communicate with the Center Director. If the parent has not communicated with the center by 5:45 p.m. all efforts will be made to contact parents or persons listed on the child’s emergency form. If the center cannot reach anyone to pick up the child, the Department of Child Protective Services will be called.  This typically results in police removal of your child, as well as significant distress for all involved. To prevent this from occurring, please make sure that your emergency contact information is always up-to-date. 

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