Infant Program

Age 0 to 16 months

We’re fully licensed and meet or exceed licensing, fire and health department regulations- we are happy to share all inspection reports.

Our highly trained Program Directors have infant experience as well as a great pre school teaching experience- they continually monitor our infant room and are available to assist as needed.

Teachers covering lunch breaks are fully trained as infant teachers and communicate well with the infant team. There is always at least one permanent infant staff member in the infant room at all times.

Unlike an in-home setting, we continually monitor and train our infant teachers so they continue to develop their skills and remain current with new and progressive infant research.

Since our program serves infants through pre-kindergarten, when your baby shows readiness for the waddler group or stepper room, (hard to believe but it happens quickly), we can begin the transition in a way that suits your little one- he/she begins by spending time in the waddler group or toddler rooms for a couple hours a day, and you can meet with the teachers as the transition begins. The infant, waddler toddler unit work well as a team, and meeting the needs of a growing infant is our priority.

Rest assured, we go above and beyond licensing requirements to ensure your child’s safety. 100% of our teachers are CPR and First Aid Certified not only in the Infant Program but also our entire preschool. We are all about quality- at every age.

Cuddler (Infant) Care Key Priorities:

Infant Health and Safety

If your focus is health and safety, we’re a fit- It’s our #1 priority!

  • Staff in Infant room have First Aid and CPR training.
  • Each baby has a primary care giver to ensure his or her needs are individualized and communication with parents is consistent
  • Our fantastic baby board documents everything about baby’s day, keeping baby’s day consistent! (i.e. last time baby ate, diapered, played. tummy time etc.
  • Separate refrigerator and storage space is provided for breast milk, formula, food, diapers and wipes

Baby Bonding

If your primary concern is your BABY BONDING with other trustworthy adults, you’re in the right place!

  • We spend the majority of the day cuddling, talking, singing and interacting with baby in a calm and secure atmosphere
  • We know its rough leaving your baby while you work and we provide sweet and caring nurturers to look after baby (and you!)
  • We understand separation anxiety (for both of you) and will do whatever is necessary to help you and baby adjust. You’re welcome to stop by and visit or breastfeed your baby at any time! Feel free to call us or ask us to text you pictures of your baby. We welcome questions- we know babies and have worked with them for years! Also, no one knows your baby better than you! Give us the details about how we can better meet your baby’s needs

Infant Social and Intellectual Development

You’ve hit the jackpot! Here’s what we’ve got to offer:

  • a fabulous curriculum that is based on three components: baby’s age and stage, the five senses and the interests and abilities of your baby
  • your baby has a primary caregiver who plans activities for your baby each day using curriculum cards and our toddler curriculum calendar (if appropriate)
  • your baby will have between 3-5 activity cards posted each day so you’ll know what we’re working on (rolling over, peek a boo, hide the toy, pulling up, reaching, follow the sounds, etc.)
  • Babies of similar ages will work and play together on activities which begins to build social skills as they observe and start to interact with peers- so cute to watch!
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