About Us

A Perfect Start is a child care center and preschool which aims to develop children in the right way from a tender age. We believe in providing all round training to our students and we’ve discovered that if done correctly, education has the ability to develop children into great scholars. We have been saddled with the responsibility of teaching children in such a way that will not only develop their minds but their bodies as well and through conscientious work and developmental training, we do all we can to carry out this responsibility with effectiveness.

Our Families Enthusiastically Acknowledge They Will

  • Respect all children, staff and fellow parents
  • Be willing to communicate positively and effectively with teachers and administration in a timely manner
  • Be proactive when questions arise and work collaboratively with the School to resolve issues
  • Make an effort to stay informed about child’s development and preschool experience including reading and following up on day notes, newsletters and posted information, regularly check website and Facebook for updates
  • Support the mission of the School including providing feedback, volunteering and meeting agreed upon financial obligations as well as attending Open Houses, Orientations, Family Events and special meetings
  • Understand and follow licensing, health and safety policies such as child records, ill children
  • Respect, Communicate, Proactive collaborative, Informed, Understand Support

Programs At A Perfect Start

Locally owned and operated since 2009 serving Huntsville, Alabama

Serving Infants (6wks) through 12 years

The best quality preschool curriculum for all ages of early childhood development

Serving your family:

  • Infants- Pre-K 6:30am-5:30pm
  • 6 yrs-12yrs 6:30am-8:00am and/or 3:00pm-5:30pm

Continuous Open Enrollment

Open 12 months a year with continuous admissions for child care needs

Flexible Schedules

Choose from any of the following options for 2, 3 or 5 day schedules

  • Full Time Preschool and Day Care
  • Part Time Preschool and Day Care
  • Daily Drop In Care

Our Core Values






10 Reasons to choose us

  • Yes… you read that right! Every single teacher and teacher’s assistant in our buildings is CPR and First

Aid Certified! While State Licensing requires 2 teachers per a location to be certified, we go above and beyond to exceed the regulations to ensure the best! We want your family to have the highest quality child care… because your little one deserves the best…its as simple as that!

  • In order for your family to have the best we have introduced a virtual day note software called Brightwheel. Now, both parents will never miss a beat! Be sure to ask about Brightwheel during your tour at A Perfect Start
  • Both of our locations are currently learning Spanish! Children under the age of 6 are incredible sponges for absorbing new information. Learning a foreign language in preschool sets the stage for your child’s future success in learning a language!

We offer a strong focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Music and Math!

  • Our curriculum really is out of this world- we love to embrace the whole child! We are thrilled to offer a weekly music specialist at A Perfect Start!
  • Your child’s safety is our first priority. Upon enrolling your child, you will be asked to pick a 4-digit pin to sign your child in and out daily after entering the building. We strongly encourage our parents not to “piggy back” with one and other while entering our schools. While its second nature to want hold the door for a fellow parent with their hands full, it is best to swipe your key card individually, so we will have a record of who specifically enters our building at all times. If you know you are going to have your hands full during drop off, please don’t hesitate to call ahead to ask your site director for a hand- we are more than happy to meet you outside.
  • Pumpkin picking, Strawberry picking, Doctor’s Offices-OH MY! We are always planning exciting adventures for your child to learn outside of the classroom! Most recently, our pre-kindergartners practiced their manners they had been learning at a local restaurant! Have a brilliant idea for a field trip? Tell us! We love parent input and ideas!
  • We have had incredible involvement with our Guest Speakers Series at A Perfect Start. Most recently we had a pastry chef talk to our kids about working in the dessert field! The kids even got to decorate their own fancy desserts! We have had pediatricians, dentists, veterinarians, fire fighters, police officers, librarians, lawyers, wildlife specialists, yoga instructors visit too! The list goes on and on! If you are interested in coming to be a guest speaker or know someone great- please let us know! We are always trying to involve our parents.
  • Exposing children to music helps them build confidence and motor skills all while allowing them to practice self-expression.
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