Your Child Gets

A Soaring Head Start

With The InvestiGator Club®, Abeka®,

Frog Street & Fun STEAM Activities

With The InvestiGator Club®, Abeka®, Club Frog Street & Fun STEAM Activities

Your Child Gets A Soaring Head Start

With The InvestiGator Club®, Abeka®, Frog Street©, & Fun STEAM Activities

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Blended Curricula Give Your Child An Edge

Your child learns from a range of age-appropriate curricula as they grow, so they have a well-rounded academic and social-emotional foundation from when they enter the infants’ room through their first day of kindergarten and beyond. 

Abeka® Teaches Phonics And Early Literacy

The Abeka® phonics and literacy system uses flashcards, fun activities, worksheets, easy readers, and games to teach and reinforce phonics and prepare your child to be successful and confident in their early reading and writing skills.

Frog Street© Delivers Play- Based Learning For Littles

The trusted, research-based Frog Street© curriculum uses play-based, child-led activities to deliver hands-on early reading, math, science, and social studies skills. Age-appropriate lessons for your infant and toddler engage and encourage an early love of learning. 

The InvestiGator Club® Ignites Preschoolers’ Natural Curiosity

Your child engages in the process of discovery using the same steps as real scientists. The InvestiGator Club® curriculum inspires little explorers to use their senses, ask questions, and find answers in a supportive, print-rich environment.

STEAM Activities That Inspire Critical Thinking

STEAM activities are built into your child’s learning experience to exercise problem-solving and critical thinking skills, inspire them to be creative, and prepare them for the future as technology becomes increasingly integrated into everyday life.

Social-Emotional Skills For Positive Relationships

Your child learns to express and manage their emotions, be respectful and empathetic to their peers and teachers, and use appropriate classroom and meal-time behaviors. They develop habits and manners that serve them through childhood and into adulthood.

Practical Life Skills Pave The Way To Independence

Your child practices skills like shoe-tying, jacket-zipping, and dressing and undressing for the potty. They also learn good hygiene like handwashing and, as they gather supplies and tidy up the classroom, they take responsibility and pride in their environment.

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